Wednesday, 26 December 2012

These were planted early November.  I had great plans for the garden this year.  Was made redundant in October, so was going to have a good long break and not look for work until January.  Plenty of time to get the garden looking great.  However great plans never work out and I got a call asking me to work for the Ministry of Education in Wellington.   Working in one city and living in another means not a lot of time left for gardening and I can't get the garden watered during the week, so it's not going to do very well over the summer.
At least I got a bit of planting in before getting the call.  These photos were taken after planting in early November.

Above is broad beans planted in winter.  Got a reasonable crop, have had a couple of meals out of them and have frozen a small bag.  These have now been pulled out and you can see here, have planted cos lettuce, celery, spring onions.

Above is the middle vegetable garden - planted lettuce, pumpkin sown from seed and two cucumbers.
Above is far left vege garden.  Planted capsicum and 3 tomatoes - beefsteak, moneymaker and a raisin tomato. The raisin tom is my experiment this year, you are meant to be able to dry these in the oven and then freeze them so you can have them over winter when toms are really expensive.
above is view across all three beds.
Not shown is the patio.  I have more plants in containers - tomatoes, eggplant, watermelon and courgette and strawberries.  Also this year I planted a lime tree in a container.

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