Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Heres' an update on how the vege garden is looking today

Below Courgette "Blackjack", has been a good fruiter but has now succumbed to powdery mildew.  Also watermelon "sugar baby" is growing slowly but surely, rhubarb, spring onions

Below: Middle vege bed:  Cucumbers : Mini White and Lebanese,  have both now succumbed to powdery mildew.  I had about 4 small cucumbers off the mini white and have had no lebanese cucumbers.  Also growing slowly are two eggplants : Ophelia and Dok, flowers but no fruit yet. Also growing cos and frilly lettuces and Japanese turnips.  Had great success with the first sowing of  Japanese turnips, so have sown a second round.

Below - Tomatoes and Basil.  Sweet 100 - as always great producer of fruit. Russian Red ,I expected this to be like a beefsteak but is more size of Moneymaker but is tasty and good fruiter.  Beefsteak a rather small beefsteak but is tasty.  Moneymaker, is off to a slow start this year is the last of the tomotoes to ripen fruit - there are plenty on the vine but not ripening, probably the poor weather is to blame.  Sweet basil isn't faring too well this year.  I bought a punnet of 6 plants and a couple have been eaten by something and the remaining aren't growing too well, again possibly a casualty of the weather.

Below - strawberries and Scarlett Runner Beans.  Runner Beans: Have had first crop and some are in freezer for winter.  Is now flowering and fruiting again.  I planted sweetpeas with the beans but these have been overwhelmed by the beans and not seen a single flower.

Mint and chives.  Haven't used the mint since before Xmas.

Below: Patio.  3 tomatoes grown from heirloom variety seed pack.  Not much fruit and none has ripened yet.  One fruit is very oddly shaped- see photo below. Also growing 1 Jalapeno chilli  (below close-up)- so far has a few fruit but only one close to ripening.  From a 6 pack growing wildfire chilli.  And 2 capsicum which have produced a few fruit each - not yet picked.

Close up of flower bed on patio:  Petunias and cosmos

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