Sunday, 4 March 2012

I can't do much in the garden following my surgery, so having to watch plants collapse and slowly die and weeds take over.  Hopefully in another months time I may be able to do something.

Tomatoes are fruiting at last.  Had some lovely big beefsteaks, but cherry tomatoes are finished.  Have finally got a few cucumbers off the green cucumber plant. Had about 6 altogether.  Watermelon is still disappointing, had flowers, but still no sign of any fruit appearing.

I went to the cafe at Kings Plant Barn and couldn't resist checking out the plants.  I ended up buying a new Chilli that is meant to fruit all year.  It is in a reasonable size pot, so I don't need to do anything with it for a while.  Once I'm strong enough i'll repot it.  It is called Chilli Rocoto Canaria.  According to the label "Tall growing chilli which forms a small shrub.  Fruits all year round.  Medium sized oval fruit ripens to yellow. Very hot." It had a few flowers on when I bought it which are purple. Unusual I think, as the others I've grown had yellow flowers.  It also has a few small fruit on it.  Here is what it looks like.\
The herb garden in front of the house has all gone to seed.  Hopefully the parsley will self-sow, but the rest will need to be pulled out.  At least Maxie seems to be enjoying the parsly

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