Saturday, 28 April 2012

April update

A quiet month in the garden.  The weather has been glorious, but sadly I still can't do much physically so couldn't take advantage of it.  I just started feeling strong enough to do gardening last weekend.  Made the most of it and pulled out all the summer crops.  Pulled herbs out of the herb gardens, new parsley is sprouting away so pulled out the old. 
Have planted brassicas - 2 cabbage, 2 cauliflower and 8 broccoli.  Why so much broccoli?  Hammer Hardware were selling punnets of Green Dragon broccoli.  I had great success with this broccoli 3 years ago, but haven't been able to find it since.  Other varieties have been disappointing.  If all the broccoli grows well, I guess I'll be doing a lot of freezing.
The last of the summer crops to be harvested was the chillies.  The long red ones were jalapeno and the green were from a punnet that were meant to turn red, but never did.   However even green, they still pack a wallop.  The round red ones are from the chilli bush.  These are very hot, I chopped one for a stir fry and my fingers were burning after.  These are now in the freezer.

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