Tuesday, 27 March 2012

March update

I still can't get out into the garden. Hopefully by next weekend I'll be a bit stronger and can start pulling out some of the dead plants!
In the end I got quite a lot of tomatoes, despite the lack of care and the poor summer we've had in Auckland.  I'm not the only one to be complaining about the lack of toms.
Watermelon was a complete fizzer, not even a berry size fruit!  I got a few cucumbers, again poor summer and lack of care to blame.
However on the upside my jalapenos have been productive - i just had the one plant but got about 8-10 fruit.  The chilli peppers are still green, but have a lot of fruit.  I'll probably pick these next weekend.  Also my new chilli plant described in the last post, now has some of the fruit reddening.  I'm going to try one in a stir-fry tomorrow night and see how hot it really is.

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